Exposing AMD GPU to Kubernates

Current Test System Kubernates, Single Node Rancher System You can refer to this link for kubernates singlenode installation https://blog.alphabravo.io/posts/2021/single-node-rke2-pt1/ Reference http://www.bytefold.com/sharing-gpu-in-kubernetes/ https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/manage-gpus/scheduling-gpus/ Install kubernates plug-in for ROCM Install the plug in using daemonset Deploy the daemonset (it is a plug in installed on all amd gpu node) its Done,, just like that! Verify the daemonset, […]

Running Langchain and LLM Model on AMD ROCM

System Requirements ROCm Installation Can Refer to this link https://rocm.docs.amd.com/en/latest/ Docker Runtime Installation Can Refer to this link https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/ubuntu/#install-using-the-repository Conda Environment Installation Can Refer to this link (Inside Container) https://vegastack.com/tutorials/how-to-install-anaconda-on-ubuntu-22-04/ Current Test System At this guide I use this following spec : Using Docker Image for ROCm Now after ROCm Installed on the Host OS, […]


The example cluster will use: (pcmk-1) (pcmk-2) (pcmk-3) SIDE NOTE: $ is used when logged in as USER. # is used when logged in as ROOT. Step 1) Configure OS 1)     Apply updates on all existing nodes using the apt command below: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade -y 2)     […]

Storware Cluster with 3 alma server and mariaDB replication

We have prepared 3 machines with almalinux 9 operating system in the same network:   We will use IP for floating IP of our cluster. run as root update all machine add hosts add following command save and exit Cloud Image – Enable Password Login via SSH 1.Open file /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/50-cloud-init.conf 2. Edit to like […]

install minikube at ubuntu 20.04

Minimum system requirements for minikube Step 1) Apply updates Apply all updates of existing packages of your system by executing the following apt commands $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade -y Step 2) Install Minikube dependencies Install the following minikube dependencies by running beneath command, $ sudo apt install -y curl wget apt-transport-https […]

Storware restore mount

Create credentialAccess Management > OS CREDENTIALS > Create Using key path Upload vprotect user public key to host sudo -u vprotect ssh-copy-id -i /opt/vprotect/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <user_with_sudo>@<hypervisor_hostname> Test connection to <hypervisor_hostname> with being asked for password sudo -u vprotect ssh <user_with_sudo>@<hypervisor_hostname> hostname On os configuration: Using GUISave the public key from /opt/vprotect/.ssh/id_rsa.pub Upload the key Mount backup: […]