install minikube at ubuntu 20.04

Minimum system requirements for minikube Step 1) Apply updates Apply all updates of existing packages of your system by executing the following apt commands $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade -y Step 2) Install Minikube dependencies Install the following minikube dependencies by running beneath command, $ sudo apt install -y curl wget apt-transport-https […]

Kubeadm create k8s cluster

Requirement: Master: Ubuntu 20.04, 8192Mb RAM, 4core CPU Worker: Ubuntu 20.04, 4096Mb RAM, 2core CPU Install CRI (containerd) update all machine install docker dependency and add repo install containerd install kubeadm All nodes use super user set all swap off # swapoff -a Remove any matching reference found in /etc/fstab # vi /etc/fstab # ***** /swap […]