Install Cluster Kubernates using Kubeadm Ubuntu 22.04

Requirement : Initialize node reference : Make sure date time are correct and synced We use timesyncd, check the status Edit your NTP Server Restart the service Check your time and timezone, set your timezone if neccessary $timedatectl $timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Jakarta Remove Swap Sometime etcd having problem running in Ubuntu 22.04, edit the grub […]

Kubeadm create k8s cluster

Requirement: Master: Ubuntu 20.04, 8192Mb RAM, 4core CPU Worker: Ubuntu 20.04, 4096Mb RAM, 2core CPU Install CRI (containerd) update all machine install docker dependency and add repo install containerd install kubeadm All nodes use super user set all swap off # swapoff -a Remove any matching reference found in /etc/fstab # vi /etc/fstab # ***** /swap […]