Storware backup openstack instance

Login to storware admin/vPr0tect masuk menu Virtual Environments > Infrastructures > + Create pilih opsi OPENSTACK pada menu type isi form sesuai dengan source yang ingin di Backup Create ceph storage Storage > Infrastructures > +Create Pilih opsi Ceph RDB Pada menu keyring bisa dilihat dari cli dengan command: cat /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring Pada menu configuration file […]

Installing microk8s Ubuntu 20.04 22.04

Install: Check the status while Kubernetes starts Auto sudo: kubectl command for microk8s: Install CoreDNS and Other Common Service in Kubernetes Additional service for dashboard and ingress Access the Kubernetes dashboard Kubernetes is a collection of system services that talk to each other all the time. If you don’t need them running in the background […]

Storware for Openstack Backup – Kolla Ansible

Installation Info : Openstack Xena – Ubuntu 20.04 Storware Version 5.1.0-51 For Storware to work for Openstack with Kolla-Ansible Installation which using container, below steps is required : mkdir /opt/vprotectcd /opt/vprotecttouch qemu-img.shtouch virsh.shchmod +x ./*cd /usr/bin/ln -s /opt/vprotect/ virshln -s /opt/vprotect/ qemu-imgcd /opt/vprotect nano id_nova_compute=$(docker ps | grep nova_libvirt | awk ‘{print $1}’)command=” $1 […]


MASAKARI using pacemaker,corosync to monitor HOST status, which will run in hacluster-pacemaker-remote container. MASAKARI Configured by enabling this config on global.conf : enable_hacluster: “yes” enable_masakari: “yes” If the Compute installed on the same Node with Controller this may conflicting existing Pacemaker and Corosync for Controller/Core Service. If MASAKARI Needed, Compute and Controller must be resides […]