Sardina Documentation Series – Part 8

Migration From VMware to Sardina To Perform Migration, There will be a new project where the Migration tools appliance reside on.The migration tools that will be used is called Moveit. There are several steps that are needed to be configured to perform the migration itself.The tools need to have both VMware credentials to see the […]

Checking Manageable Switch Infiniband on Subnet Manager

You can checking Infiniband Subnet Manager (SM) via web by login in with ip address of SM. First, check on status Summary of SM. It will display the Uptime of SM, State of SM, counter failures, SM Priority(HA), Autostart status, and SM version. Then check on Base SM tab, it will display detected SM node […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part-5

Create and manage networks The OpenStack Networking service provides a scalable system for managing the network connectivity within an OpenStack cloud deployment. It can easily and quickly react to changing network needs (for example, creating and assigning new IP addresses). Networking in OpenStack is complex. This section provides the basic instructions for creating a network […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part 6

Create and manage object containers OpenStack Object Storage (swift) is used for redundant, scalable data storage using clusters of standardized servers to store petabytes of accessible data. It is a long-term storage system for large amounts of static data which can be retrieved and updated. OpenStack Object Storage provides a distributed, API-accessible storage platform that […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part 7

Create and manage volumes Volumes are block storage devices that you attach to instances to enable persistent storage. You can attach a volume to a running instance or detach a volume and attach it to another instance at any time. You can also create a snapshot from or delete a volume. Only administrative users can […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part-4

Launch and manage instances Instances are virtual machines that run inside the cloud. You can launch an instance from the following sources: Launch an instance You can also launch an instance from the Images or Volumes category when you launch an instance from an image or a volume respectively. When you launch an instance from an image, OpenStack creates […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part-2

Upload and manage images A virtual machine image, referred to in this document simply as an image, is a single file that contains a virtual disk that has a bootable operating system installed on it. Images are used to create virtual machine instances within the cloud. For information about creating image files, see the OpenStack […]