Check topology Layer 2 change real time in Cumulus (STP issue related)

In Layer 2 network topology, when there is changes within the topology or new device connected with Layer 2 feature, the spanning tree feature will calculated again which device is gonna be root switch, which port is gonna be designated port, alternate port, etc. In Cumulus, we can check which port is triggered by that […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part-1

Log in to the Dashboard The dashboard is generally installed on the controller node. OpenStack dashboard — Project tab Projects are organizational units in the cloud and are also known as tenants or accounts. Each user is a member of one or more projects. Within a project, a user creates and manages instances. From the […]

Port Forwarding apache2 default port to 8080 using IP Tables

ubuntu@server1:~$ sudo vi /etc/apache2/ports.conf Listen 80 Our default port for apache2 service is 80, now we test this by using the curl command ubuntu@server1:~$ curl server1:80 => should output apache2 default html ubuntu@server1:~$ curl server1:8080 => should output “curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused” We’re going to use ip tables […]

PPPoE ipv4 6wind BNG using Radius Auth

In this case we will use this topology: PPPoE Server First setup uplink for the internet side and link pppoe-client side, in this case we use dhcp on interface eth0 and just enable interface eth1 for pppoe-client. Next, setup pppoe-tunnel instance inside ppp-server menu with link-interface eth1. After setup pppoe-tunnel, it mandatory to setup authentication […]

Install LibreNMS Ubuntu 20.04

Development Platform : Ubuntu Server 20.04 Web Server Nginx version 1.18.0 LibreNMS version 24.1.0 PHP version 8.2.15 python version 3.8.10 MariaDB version 10.3.39 Update Ubuntu Linux Server Install Required Packages Add libreNMS user and set password for user librenms Clone libreNSM to /opt directory Change Owner Permission and Acl Install PHP Dependency SET timezone Ensure […]

M2M_Client SElink Agent on Rocky Linux 8.9

Platform : Rocky-8.9-x86_64-minimalAgent Ver : B5_m2mClient-1_6_1-Rocky_x64 Update Rocky linux Repository install dependency package make sure the SElinux run on permisive mode Create a folder (e.g. /root/selink) with the m2m agent binary and the configuration file om.b5. add execution permission make file om.b5 execute the binary Make SELink as linux service make file on /root/selink […]