Openstack Procedure to Turn on/off cluster

SOP to turn off cluster: kolla-ansible mariadb_backup -i ./multinode turn off all instances from openstack Turn status HA segment hosts to On Maintenance =True Disable HA segment from Openstack Horizon kolla-ansible stop -i ./multinode Move to Ceph Cluster ceph osd set noout turn off all ceph nodes Turn Off all Openstack Related Nodes > from […]

Ceph Replacing OSD

Steps WAIT UNTIL PG =0 < Around 1hour?> systemctl stop (ceph-cluster)@<OSD ID RELATED> example: systemctl stop ceph-9124ada3513@osd.1 Don’t forget to cleanup the disk from ceph Adding the Disk NOTE: If you encounter the following: Osd(…) exists, already created? You need to redo step 1-9, and then restart the docker of the ceph-host related NOTE: You […]

Ceph Integration with ISCSI

Prepare the image VMWARE_DISK1 apt install ceph-iscsi [root@ceph1 ~]# ceph osd pool create myrbd[root@ceph1 ~]# ceph osd pool application enable myrbd rbd [root@ceph1 ~]# rbd –pool myrbd create VMWARE_DISK1 –size=100G Deploy the iSCSI gateways [root@ceph1 ~]# ceph orch apply iscsi myrbd admin admin01 –placement ceph2,ceph3 –trusted_ip_list, [root@ceph1 ~]# ceph orch lsNAME                       RUNNING  REFRESHED  AGE  PLACEMENT        alertmanager                   […]