Openstack Procedure to Turn on/off cluster

SOP to turn off cluster:

kolla-ansible mariadb_backup -i ./multinode

turn off all instances from openstack

Turn status HA segment hosts to On Maintenance =True

Disable HA segment from Openstack Horizon

kolla-ansible stop -i ./multinode

Move to Ceph Cluster

ceph osd set noout

turn off all ceph nodes

Turn Off all Openstack Related Nodes > from Compute 1,2,3 and Control 3,2,1 < IN ORDER

SOP to turn on cluster:

Turn on Ceph Node

Check the status of the ceph

ceph -s

If the health is ok, unset the ceph osd flag by running the following

ceph osd unset noout

Turn on all Openstack Related Nodes > Controller 1 2 3, and Compute 1 2 3 < IN ORDER

Go To Deployer Node

Do Test Ping on all the controller and compute nodes

After Testing the Ping, Wait for 10 minutes before executing the following commands

kolla-ansible deploy-containers -i ./multinode

In case MariaDB failure > DO THE FOLLOWING COMMAND

kolla-ansible mariadb_recovery -i ./multinode

Continue Running the deploy-containers command

After the command is executed correctly

Go To Horizon Dashboard

Try to deploy an instance if its working

If it is working,

Set HA Segment Hosts on maintenance flag to false

Enable HA Segment

If it does not work:


Check the logs > Observe relevant errors > If Possible, Restart the Relevant Compute/Controller nodes 1 by 1

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