Adding Huawei Switch node on the NCE-Campus

First go to tab Design>Site Design>Site Management, then list site screen will appear: in this case we use lab-30 site, it will open this screen site like this: Click on Add device to add new device on the selected site, and it will appear this screen: Set the option protocol type to NETCONF/COAP, and mode […]

Upgrading OS on the Huawei Switch

In this case we use CE6800 Huawei Switch Series, here is the list of action that need to do for upgrading OS/System Software on the Huawei Switch: Before the upgrade, use the terminal monitor command to enable the terminal to display logs, traps, and debugging information sent from the information center. In the user view, […]

Setup / Staging Huawei Device V600 OS before added to Huawei NCE Campus

This is a staging setup for the Huawei switch device V600 OS-based (Taishan OS) before being added to the NCE Campus Controller. First, we configure the Netconf feature in the switch (for connection to the NCE Controller). Then, we set the source interface for this Netconf connection type to the NCE controller. In this case, […]

Kubernetes Standarization

To standarize a Kubernetes Cluster,A Cluster must have this following:– Dynamic Provisioning Storage (NFS, or any backend storage)– Container Network Interface ( Calico/Weave)– Load Balancer Network Provisioning ( MetalLB)– DNS to resolve (<any>)– Containerd configured Below are the steps to setup all necessary requirements above.REQUIREMENTS TO RUN THIS GUIDE IS THE FOLLOWING:– MUST HAVE […]

Error installing Netris agent on Cumulus

Installing netris agent in Mellanox Switch with new cumulus it might there are some trouble while in progress. first you need to check date on the switch, is it real-time date? If it isn’t, you can change the timezone with command timedatectl set-timezone. In this case my timezone GMT+7 which is Asia/Jakarta time. next, you […]