Create Openstack Lab. Part 2 – Ceph Deployment

Login to maas node as user ‘openstack’ Install and update python package manager Add additional PATH to local python binary Add following line at the end of ~/.bashrc file Apply new additional PATH Install python virtual environment support Create virtual environment for ceph-ansible Activate ceph-ansible virtual environment Update and install required package Make project directory […]

Redis on RedHat 8

Three nodes with following specifications: Install and register RedHat 8 IP address and instances: Login as root Upgrade node to latest available updates Modify /etc/sysctl.conf file Add following lines Install required packages Install redis Check installation Prepare required directories On all nodes On bpjs-poc01 On bpjs-poc02 On bpjs-poc03 Prepare configuration files On bpjs-poc01 On bpjs-poc02 […]

Create Openstack Lab. Part 1 – Nodes Preparation

We’ll deploy an Openstack lab. consists of total 6 nodes (3 controllers + 3 computes) Specifications for controller and compute nodes: Install MaaS – Check here for how-to guide Commission and deploy Ubuntu 20.04 on all machines Create user ‘openstack’ Add user ‘openstack’ to ‘sudo’ group Configure user ‘openstack’ to be able to run ‘sudo’ […]

Configure Redis Cluster on RHEL 8

– 3 nodes – 2 redis instances each node Node Name node-1 node-2 node-3 IP address Redis server instances(port number) master-1 (7000) master-2 (7000) master-3 (7000) slave-3 (7001) slave-1 (7001) slave-2 (7001) Install each nodes with RHEL 8 Register server and select minimal server option, standard server, development tools Create user with […]