Checking Manageable Switch Infiniband on Subnet Manager

You can checking Infiniband Subnet Manager (SM) via web by login in with ip address of SM. First, check on status Summary of SM. It will display the Uptime of SM, State of SM, counter failures, SM Priority(HA), Autostart status, and SM version. Then check on Base SM tab, it will display detected SM node […]

Sardina Documentation Series – Part-4

Launch and manage instances Instances are virtual machines that run inside the cloud. You can launch an instance from the following sources: Launch an instance You can also launch an instance from the Images or Volumes category when you launch an instance from an image or a volume respectively. When you launch an instance from an image, OpenStack creates […]

Install LibreNMS Ubuntu 20.04

Development Platform : Ubuntu Server 20.04 Web Server Nginx version 1.18.0 LibreNMS version 24.1.0 PHP version 8.2.15 python version 3.8.10 MariaDB version 10.3.39 Update Ubuntu Linux Server Install Required Packages Add libreNMS user and set password for user librenms Clone libreNSM to /opt directory Change Owner Permission and Acl Install PHP Dependency SET timezone Ensure […]


The example cluster will use: (pcmk-1) (pcmk-2) (pcmk-3) SIDE NOTE: $ is used when logged in as USER. # is used when logged in as ROOT. Step 1) Configure OS 1)     Apply updates on all existing nodes using the apt command below: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade -y 2)     […]

install minikube at ubuntu 20.04

Minimum system requirements for minikube Step 1) Apply updates Apply all updates of existing packages of your system by executing the following apt commands $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt upgrade -y Step 2) Install Minikube dependencies Install the following minikube dependencies by running beneath command, $ sudo apt install -y curl wget apt-transport-https […]