Ceph Replacing OSD


  • ceph osd out <OSD ID>

WAIT UNTIL PG =0 < Around 1hour?>

systemctl stop (ceph-cluster)@<OSD ID RELATED>

example: systemctl stop ceph-9124ada3513@osd.1

  • ceph osd down <OSD ID>
  • ceph osd crush remove <OSD ID>
  • ceph osd rm <OSD ID>
  • ceph auth del <OSD ID>
  • Go To The following ceph osd node
  • Cd /var/lib/ceph/<ceph cluster>
  • Do > find * | grep <OSD ID>
  • Remove everything related to the osd > rm -f -r <OSD ID RELATED>
  • Make sure to do systemctl daemon-reload

Don’t forget to cleanup the disk from ceph

  • gdisk /dev/<OSD DISK> INPUT = X Z Y Y

Adding the Disk

  • ceph orch daemon add osd –method raw (ceph-host):/dev/<OSD RELATED PATH>

NOTE: If you encounter the following:

Osd(…) exists, already created?

You need to redo step 1-9, and then restart the docker of the ceph-host related

NOTE: You can also just remove the hard disk directly, and do the clean up with the following command, but there may be some steps to be skipped from the commands

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