Sardina Documentation Series – Part 7

Create and manage volumes Volumes are block storage devices that you attach to instances to enable persistent storage. You can attach a volume to a running instance or detach a volume and attach it to another instance at any time. You can also create a snapshot from or delete a volume. Only administrative users can […]

Creating LVM with group Permissions (Complete Guide).

sudo groupadd <groupname> sudo usermod -aG <groupname> <User> sudo yum install lvm2 (For Centos) sudo apt install lvm2 (For Ubuntu) sudo pvcreate /dev/vdb /dev/vdc sudo vgcreate <volume name> /dev/vdb /dev/vdc sudo lvcreate -L <size>(m/G) <path> note: if you want to make use of all the size available use: vgdisplay  (check for free allocation) Mkfs.xfs <Logical […]