Running Langchain and LLM Model on AMD ROCM

System Requirements ROCm Installation Can Refer to this link Docker Runtime Installation Can Refer to this link Conda Environment Installation Can Refer to this link (Inside Container) Current Test System At this guide I use this following spec : Using Docker Image for ROCm Now after ROCm Installed on the Host OS, […]

AMD GPU Benchmark without Docker

Pre Required :ubuntu 22.04python 3.10.6 Reference : Install python pip and rocm package : sudo apt install python3-pipsudo apt install rocm-libs rccl Use Virtual Environment: sudo pip3 install virtualenvvirtualenv psi-venvsource psi-venv/bin/activateInstall tensor flow, tesorflow-rocm and protobuf pip install tensorflow=2.12pip install tensorflow-rocm== –upgradepip install protobuf==3.20.3 Verify Python is Running :python3 -c ‘import tensorflow’ 2> /dev/null && […]

AMD GPU Benchmark

Ubuntu 22.04 Install docker : Install AMD TF-ROCm Image docker pull rocm/tensorflow:latest Run it and enter the docker console docker run -it –network=host –device=/dev/kfd –device=/dev/dri \ –ipc=host –shm-size 16G –group-add video –cap-add=SYS_PTRACE \ –security-opt seccomp=unconfined rocm/tensorflow:latest Do benchmarking total images/sec: 477.72