AMD GPU Benchmark without Docker

Pre Required :ubuntu 22.04python 3.10.6 Reference : Install python pip and rocm package : sudo apt install python3-pipsudo apt install rocm-libs rccl Use Virtual Environment: sudo pip3 install virtualenvvirtualenv psi-venvsource psi-venv/bin/activateInstall tensor flow, tesorflow-rocm and protobuf pip install tensorflow=2.12pip install tensorflow-rocm== –upgradepip install protobuf==3.20.3 Verify Python is Running :python3 -c ‘import tensorflow’ 2> /dev/null && […]

AMD GPU Benchmark

Ubuntu 22.04 Install docker : Install AMD TF-ROCm Image docker pull rocm/tensorflow:latest Run it and enter the docker console docker run -it –network=host –device=/dev/kfd –device=/dev/dri \ –ipc=host –shm-size 16G –group-add video –cap-add=SYS_PTRACE \ –security-opt seccomp=unconfined rocm/tensorflow:latest Do benchmarking total images/sec: 477.72