How to Check Uptime & Upgrade Firmware on infiniband unmanage switch

You can check the unmanaged status with some MFT commands on the hosts in the fabric. Assume there is an unmanaged switch with LID 1, then you can check the uptime information with the following command:

# mlxuptime -d lid-1
Measured core frequency  : 535.011895 MHz
Device up time           : 985:32:37.0 [h:m:s.usec]

And you can also check the current firmware information with this following command:

# flint -d lid-1 q
Image type:           FS3
FW ISSU Version:      1
FW Version:           15.2010.5108
FW Release Date:      25.2.2023
Description:          UID        GuidsNumber
Base GUID:            248a070300bcc330    32
Base MAC:             248a07bcc330      32
Image VSD:            N/A
Device VSD:           N/A
PSID:                 MT_2640110032
Security Attributes:  N/A

Almost all devices consist of hardware, firmware, and software. Unmanaged switches only have hardware and firmware. For the method to upgrade the firmware, you can follow the process below:

# flint -d <device> -i <fw-file> [-guid <GUID> | -guids <4 GUIDS> | -mac <MAC> | -macs <2 MACs>] burn

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