Storware backup proxmox VM

Storware All-In-One

Storage configuration:

/dev/sda : for system

/dev/sdb : for backup

Install Rocky Linux 8

Check for update:

# dnf check-update

Install update:

# dnf update

Install Storware:

# bash < <(curl -s

Format /dev/sdb

# mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdb

Check UUID for /dev/sdb

# blkid

Modify /etc/fstab

# vi /etc/fstab

Add following line:

UUID=</dev/sdb_UUID> /vprotect_data xfs defaults 0 0

Save and quit

Mount and test

# mount -a

# df

/dev/sdb must be listed, mounted as /vprotect_data


# reboot

Make sure /vprotect_data owned by vprotect, if not:

# chown -R vprotect:vprotect /vprotect_data


Using browser:


Username: admin

Password: vPr0tect

Configure for ProxmoxVE:

You will need IP address of ProxmoxVE server = <PROXMOX_IP>

On Storware machine:

Create NFS share:

# id vprotect

Take note on uid <UID> and gid <GID>

Create /etc/exports file:

# echo “/vprotect_data  <PROXMOX_IP>(fsid=6,rw,sync,insecure,all_squash,anonuid=<UID>,anongid=<GID>)” | sudo tee -a /etc/exports > /dev/null

Enable nfs-server service:

# systemctl enable –now nfs-server

Restart nfs-server service:

# systemctl restart nfs-server


# showmount -e

You should see something like:

[root@storware ~]# showmount -e

Export list for storware:


On PROXMOX machine:

Datacenter > Storage > Add > NFS

Server = IP of Storware

Export = Directory being shared

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